Foot scrub «Plantain»
Foot scrub «Plantain»

Scrub for gentle feet and shin peeling is recommended for pedicure, SPA-pedicure and other SPA treatments. It can be used for tired feet and fragile toenails complex treatment.

Scrub removes excessively keratinized top layer of skin, clavus and callus, and prepares skin for the positive influence of nourishing and beneficial components of the scrub. The removal of dead cells accelerates regeneration processes. Skin becomes soft, silky, and ready for next treatments.

Natural plantain extract is a main component of the scrub. It contains the complex of active substances – enzymes, vitamins (C, A, K), phytoncids, organic acids, tannins, which regenerate feet skin.

The unique component of the extract – Vitamin U (methylmethionine) - has antiseptic properties and prevents infection in foot and heel cracks.

Scrub is enriched with natural oils and butters, which makes the peeling procedure comfortable. Cocoa butter and coconut oil – soothe irritation. Due to the notable content of Vitamins (K, E, D), enzymes, and microelements, Palm Seed Oil nourishes and moisturizes feet skin.

Grape seed oil combats free radicals and feet skin ageing processes. Shea butter removes dry skin, moisturizes and nourishes feet skin.

Foot scrub «Plantain» is easy to use and is recommended for any type of pedicure and SPA treatments. 

After the peeling feet skin is cleansed and perfectly prepared for the nourishing and moisturizing procedures.

Use Foot cream butter «Plantain» after each peeling procedure to get better results.

The prolonged effect of professional cosmetic procedures is achieved with the help of Verana cosmetics.

Storage (+ 5 ºC ÷ +20 ºC). Protect from the direct sunlight and water.

Natural cosmetics! Package 1kg, 500g. 

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