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Body scrub with coconut, based on sea salt, sugar and the vegetable oils blend (grape seed oil, shea butter, palm and castor oil) is designed for careful skin cleansing, meanwhile softening and nourishing it. Especially suitable for dry skin, and before tanning to obtain uniform and beautiful tan.

Scrub is based on natural abrasives – coconut flakes and sea salt. Natural coconut flakes do not damage skin even during intensive mechanical impact. Scrub is recommended for rough knee and elbow skin treatment.

Coconut oil prevents skin flaking, softens rough skin, and stimulates wound healing processes. Oil has a film forming property which allows to protect and moisturize skin for a longer period. 

Grape Seed oil is a strong antioxidant. It protects skin from the deleterious effects of the environmental exposure and combats skin ageing processes.

Shea butter stimulates skin regenerating, makes skin firm and smooth. The vitamins present in Shea butter stimulate wound healing processes and epidermis top layer renewal, make look younger and healthy.

It prepares skin for anticellulite procedures. Sea salt and sugar crystals and milled coconut remove dead keratinized skin cells and polish skin. Coconut oil in combination with natural E vitamin and sugar moisturize skin, prevent its dryness and flaking and restore skin hydro-lipid balance. Scrub stimulates blood circulation and metabolism, rejuvenates skin, improves its structure and colour. After using this scrub your skin becomes supple and silky.

Unique formula: 99.8% of Natural ingredients. Water free. Preservative free. Colourants free. GMO free. Only of first extraction oils. 

Use Body Butter «Coconut» or Body Cream Butter «Coconut» after the peeling to get better results.

With the systematicuse of the Verana products, skin retains youth and shining for a long time, mature and problematic skin will regain health and beauty.

Keep closed at room temperature out of the reach of children. Protect from the direct sunlight and water ingress into the face scrub.

Natural cosmetic! Packing: 200g.

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