Once we, Verana product promoters, were ordinary users of cosmetics, with own preferences and likes.

Choosing cosmetics for ourselves, we paid attention to the health-giving characteristics of chosen products. Like all consumers of cosmetics we were interested in the value for skin of acquired products, the composition and standards under which the products are made.

In the process of studying the characteristics of chosen products, we found that most of the products have a minimum value for the skin.

We also noticed that the quality standards upon which the products are created, allow the content of non-natural ingredients in an average of 5% of the total number of components.

The information we have received, prompted us to create our own cosmetics, so that each item would bring the maximum benefit and value to the skin.

We set up an objective to develop a new standard of quality in cosmetics. According to this standard, all the ingredients in the produced products must be of natural origin!

This standard of quality we decided to call - Verana standard.

On the basis of this standard all Verana products are designed.

Verana Mission

Using the energy of nature-preserve the beauty and youth of every human throughout his life.