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Body massage oil «Pro-1»

Body massage oil Verana Professional "PRO-1" is specially formulated for all body types and various SPA treatments. 
Ingredients of the massage oil benefit from unique components – natural extracts of ginger, plantain and dandelion.
Combination of three extracts and five natural oils in ingredients of the oil rejuvenates skin, makes it lively, smooth, and increases its tone.
Due to the wide range of active natural ingredients, massage oil has multi-faceted positive effect on the human skin: disinfects, removes skin dryness, promotes healing of cracks and wounds, warms the dermis layer, bolsters blood circulation and promotes healthy skin colour, helps prevent cellulite; oil promotes skin regeneration and renewal.
Ingredients of the body massage oil Verana Professional "PRO-1" contain the following: Rapeseed oil, castor oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, almond oil, ginger oil extract, plantain oil extract, dandelion oil extract.
Recommended for all massage types.
Average consumption of massage oil is - 50 ml per one sessions body massage.
One bottle of 1 liter is on average enough for 20 sessions of massage!
Storage temperature from +5°C to +25°C. Keep away from direct sunlight and water.
Natural cosmetics! Package contents: 1L

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