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Body scrub Verana «AMBER»

Body scrub Verana «AMBER»

Body scrub with 100% natural natural amber powder purified from all the contaminants. Anti-aging, regeneration.
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Body scrub Verana Professional "Amber" is developed for gentle cleansing and skin care, as well as for cleansing and skin care before massage, body wrap and various SPA body treatments.

Absolutely unique component of the body scrub is the 100% natural amber (in the form of amber powder) purified of all contaminants.
Amber conforms in its essential content to a living creature as it consists mainly of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen atoms, which are the main substances of humans. More than 40 chemical compounds have been revealed in amber. It also contains one of the vitamins D3 (Succinic Acid), which is a biostimulant.

- actively restores skin cells
- fights against pathogenic microbes
- energetically nourishes skin cells
- helps the skin to restore its elasticity
- protects the skin from harmful environmental influences
- improves the condition of blood vessels
- promotes skin rejuvenation
- slows down skin aging
- removes fine wrinkles
- promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues
- has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
- improves the general condition of the skin
- makes the skin soft and smooth

In addition to the Amber, the scrub includes: Sea Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Corn Oil, Beeswax, Palm Kernel Oil, Palm Oil, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin "E").

Body scrub "Amber", gently cleanses the upper stratum corneum, stimulates blood circulation, helps to smooth the skin and reduce fine wrinkles, tones the skin, promotes the restoration of skin cells and rapid skin regeneration, energetically nourishes skin cells, saturates the skin with vitamins and microelements. The scrub helps the skin to restore its elasticity, promotes skin rejuvenation, helps to slow down the aging process of the skin, protects the skin from the harmful effects of the environment, improves the general condition of the skin, makes the skin soft and smooth.

The fresh scent of the sea wave soothes and relaxes, helps relieve stress and restore the nervous system, energizes and improves mood.

It is recommended to use it to anti-aging and regeneration the skin, as well as before all types of massage and various SPA body treatments.

Average consumption of a body scrub is 35 to 65 grams per procedure.

Store (+5ºC / +20ºC) Keep away from direct sunlight and water.

Natural cosmetic!

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