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Foot cream butter Verana «GINGER»

Foot cream butter Verana «GINGER»

Foot cream butter with 100% natural Ginger oil extract. Anti-aging, nourishing. Foot cream for dry skin.
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Foot cream butter Verana Professional "Ginger" is developed for professional care of the skin of feet, heels, toes and lower legs, as well as for pedicure procedures and various SPA procedures for foot care. Сream for very dry skin on feet.

The unique component of the foot cream butter is a natural, oil extract of ginger root and ground ginger root.

Ginger root contains ginger essential oil and more than 400 useful substances, including amino acids, trace elements (including zinc and iron), vitamins A, C, B1 and B2.

Ginger root
- stimulates blood circulation in the legs
- has a warming effect
- promotes skin rejuvenation
- strengthens the nail plate
- helps to smooth out fine wrinkles
- slows down skin aging
- increases skin elasticity
- helps to remove growths, calluses and corns
- helps to remove cracked heels
- tones the skin
- softens rough skin on the heels
- improves the general condition of the skin of the legs
- makes the skin of the legs soft, smooth and elastic

In addition to the extract of Ginger root and ground ginger root, the foot cream butter includes: Rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Palm kernel oil, Beeswax, Corn oil, Shea butter, Castor oil, Grape seed oil, Tocopherol (natural vitamin E ").

Beeswax in combination with ginger root extract, ground ginger root and seven types of natural oils that make up the cream butter moisturizes, nourishes and softens the skin of the legs, helps to remove corns and calluses, and stimulates blood circulation. Cream butter l rejuvenates the skin of the feet, strengthens and nourishes the nail plate, helps, removes toxins, relieves puffiness, helps to eliminate heaviness and fatigue in the legs, softens and restores the skin of the legs, helps to remove cracks on the heels, makes the skin on the feet and heels elastic, tender and smooth.

The light aroma of ginger helps to relax, calms the nervous system, and improves mood.

Recommended for the anti-aging and nourishing the skin of the feet and heels, as well as for the care of the skin of the feet during pedicure and SPA procedures for foot care.

Average consumption of foot cream butter is from 7 to 10 grams per procedure.

Store (+ 5 ºC / + 20 ºC) Keep away from direct sunlight and water.

Natural cosmetic!

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