The main ingredient of the Verana products with ginger is a ginger extract.

For many centuries, ginger extract is well known as a medicinal remedy that has powerful antimicrobial and immunomodulatory effects, perfectly removes increasing fatigue and skin flabbiness.

Ginger extract restores the energy balance of the skin, has a tightening effect, as well as stimulates the regeneration of skin layers, helps to move toxins out and tones skin cells.

Ginger extract has antiseptic and antioxidant effects, helps to prevent and correct the first signs of skin aging.

Hair mask with ginger extract can reduce the grease build-up in hair and strengthen them at full length.

Ginger extract regulates sebum production, normalizing oily skin, restores its elasticity, tones and tightens the skin.

Ginger extract soothes and puts the nervous system back in order, reduces aggression and causes people to believe in themselves and own capabilities.

In addition, since ancient times, ginger extract is considered an aphrodisiac, capable not only to keep sex drive for a long time that is considered as a primary sign of youth and vitality, but also to cure female frigidity.

Regular use of products with ginger extract increases the secretion of specific compounds through the skin - pheromones that create the effect of attraction and seductiveness.

Ginger extract is used effectively by athletes during a massage to relieve muscle pain, to improve poor blood circulation, and also to remove stress after intensive loads.