In the manufacture of own products Verana does not use mineral and vaseline oils to reduce costs of production, and uses only natural plant oils.

In the creation of the products Verana gives preference to high-quality, natural essential oils only, not synthetic.

In the process of production Verana uses low, sparing temperature required to preserve healing qualities of all components that are part of products structure.

Verana formulas are designed in such a way that all the components and active ingredients can fully display all its useful features.

Inthe production of own products Verana uses natural oils only and extracts and ingredients healing for the body, selected carefully by developers that activate internal self-regulation capabilities of the organism.

With the systematicuse of the Verana products, skin retains youth and shining for a long time, mature and problematic skin will regain health and beauty.

In the process ofproduction Verana uses extracts of plants grown only in ecologically clean places of our planet.

Verana products created to take care of all and everyone.