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Popular cosmetics

VERANA cosmetics is intended for all types and techniques of massage, various SPA-procedures for face and body, as well as for aromatherapy.

Mission of VERANA - using the energy of nature to create professional cosmetics that can preserve the beauty and youth of every person throughout his life.

Distinctive features of massage oils and Verana cosmetics:

1. Versatility of application

The choice of more than 34 lines of massage oils, creams and scrubs with segmentation for the purpose, application, and specificity of the tasks you are solving.

- subtle aromas or lack thereof

- optimal consistency

- moderate absorption rate

- easy gliding on the skin

- lack of allergenic reactions

2. Efficiency in use

30% enhances the effect of professional procedures for the care of all skin types.

3. Balanced Nutrition Formula

The ingredients are selected so as to stimulate the inclusion of natural self-regulating forces of the human body.

4. Fundamentally high quality

Only 100% natural extracts of medicinal plants and 100% organic essential oils.

The systematic use of VERANA cosmetics contributes to the preservation of youth, elasticity, fit and healthy skin.